Welcome To Billund Motorflyveklub

Welcome to Billund Motorflyveklub a flying club based in the town Billund, Denmark. The club was founded in 1966 by some students and instructors from the flight schools in Billund.

The club owns a hangar with room to 13 planes and a club house that is used for various events in the club or by the individual pilot before a planned trip.

The club arranges various activities and events throughout the season that are great opportunities to socialise with fellow pilots, learn from each other and share great experiences both in the air or on the ground.

  • Big hanger with room to 13 planes
  • Direct access to Taxiways and Runway from the hanger
  • Own approved ATO with LA-PPL and PPL training
  • Good clubhouse facilities
  • High engagement level with different activities and events
  • Great social time together where the whole family is welcome

The rest of the website is in Danish so please don’t hesitate to contact person from the board, they will be happy to help and explain more about the membership and the club.




Flintemarken 47
7190 Billund
Phone: 7535 3605
Mobile: 2476 2640
Email: jenspisarski@hotmail.com


Johan Skjoldborgvej 19
7182 Bredsten
Mobile: 5363 3076
Email: kimc77120@gmail.com



Vil du gerne være med?

Hvis du brænder for flyvning og ovenstående har vagt interesse så er du meget velkommen til at kontakte en fra bestyrelsen eller via vores kontakt formular